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Dr. Jeff Brucia was recently part of "The Best Practices Show" podcast. watch or listen to the podcast. Click here

February 27th  at 8 PM ( PST ):   Dr.Yo Mukai  will be presenting  The management of open bites using orthodontics and orthognathic surgery . Dr.Mukai is both an orthodontist and oral surgeon and has integrated the FACE principles in his management of these complex cases .  
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The Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education, otherwise known as "FACE" by its students, is a non-profit teaching foundation dedicated to the advancement of the highest standards of dental treatment.

The Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education was originally established is 1974 in an effort to offer to the practicing dentist a forum in which he could learn the philosophies and techniques necessary to develop the true quality practice.

Courses are characterized by an atmosphere of openness and free exchange of ideas and always the principles and techniques taught are based on scientific research and /or clinical evidence that has stood the test of time.
In today's changing world of HMO's, and PPO's, and capitation, managed care and other third party interference in the practice of dentistry, it is invaluable to have a forum in which the philosophy, skills, and modalities necessary to develop an independent quality practice can be taught. The practices of each of the faculty at FACE are living proof that the true quality practice can flourish in any environment and it is our purpose to arm each participant with the information necessary to achieve that goal.

Advanced Restorative Dentistry groups are limited to 16 participants in order that each student receive close personal attention by the faculty in each "hands-on" clinical procedure.

The ultimate goal of the training is to pass on to each participant the skills necessary to deliver the highest quality dentistry on the planet and develop a quality practice with special emphasis on clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, and true professional and personal fulfillment.
Hundreds of practitioners from throughout the United States and numerous foreign countries have availed themselves of the seven week program. The enthusiasm of the past graduates has led to the establishment of FACE Japan in order that we may share the training with quality practitioners throughout the world.