The History of F.A.C.E.

The philosophy and techniques of treating to the centric relation position presented in this text have evolved since the middle 1960’s. At that time, Dr. Gerald F. Preiner with ten other restorative dentists and one orthodontist (Dr.Ronald H. Roth) founded the Pacific Gnathological Academy. They selected as their mentors, Dr. Thomas F. Basta and Dr. Peter K. Thomas. They met in Dr. Basta’s office for three day sessions once every six weeks for both didactic and “hands on” instruction in gnathological philosophy and techniques. Their mission was to evaluate different occlusal philosophies and to master and perhaps improve upon the techniques used to achieve what was then considered to be optimal restorative and orthodontic treatment. This led to the development of other study groups of dentists who also shared the same interests and goals of wanting to deliver the highest quality dentistry to their patients. As the demand for more study groups increased, using Dr. Basta’s office as a teaching facility became problematic. In 1974 Drs. Basta, Preiner and Roth co-founded the nonprofit institute, the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (FACE) in Burlingame, California. Dr. Roth chaired the orthodontic department and Dr. Basta chaired the restorative department. Initially, study groups were comprised of both restorative and orthodontic practitioners. Understanding the challenges and limitations of both orthodontic and restorative treatment was an enlightening learning experience for every participant in the program. The participants’ desire for more extensive training in their chosen fields however, led to the establishment of separate restorative and orthodontic programs. Orthodontic groups were subsequently mentored by Drs. Ron Roth and Bob Williams in what is now known as the ” Roth-Williams” philosophy at a separate facility in Burlingame, Ca. Drs. Basta and Preiner continue to mentor and administrate the ” Advanced Restorative Dentistry” program at the FACE teaching facility in Burlingame, Ca. Participants in both of these programs continue to be trained in the pursuit of common treatment goals.

The faculty members and directors of the FACE program include: Dr. Thomas Basta, chairman of the restorative and prosthetic department, Dr. Jeff Brucia, chairman of the adhesive and cosmetic dentistry and implant department, Dr. William Hadlock as directors of clinical instruction and Dr. Curtis Rowe. FACE is also privileged to include Dr. David Hatcher, cranio-facial radiography, Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli, periodontics and implantology and Dr. Andrew Girardot, orthodontics as guest faculty for the advanced restorative programs. As well as Glenn Kitasoe, D.D.S., Daniel Cheng, D.D.S. and Yo Mukai, D.D.S.