F.A.C.E. Graduate Testimonials

Hands down the best Continuing Education course available. FACE has given me the confidence to treat any patient no matter how complicated… I can’t thank Tom and Jeff enough!
~ Matt Mauck, DDS.

I practice in a small town in south Alabama and after 20 years, my practice was heading in the direction of high volume, corporate-style dentistry. I was, at the same time, pursuing implants as the “way out” of my low profit blues. My motivation to join FACE was to stay out of (TMJ) trouble building full- arch occlusion on my implant supported over-dentures. Little did I know what a positive impact FACE would have on my entire practice. I am not only having success with my over-dentures, but I also have the confidence to prep and restore a full mouth with crown and bridge , upper and lower, at the same time! My investment has returned to me quickly with a pay-back in dollars but most importantly with a new found mastery of my craft. Thank you Tom and Jeff (Curtis, Melba, Sue, Glen, and everyone else who volunteers their time)
~ Jason Northcutt, DMD

A friend recommended me to FACE, I was skeptical but needed the CE. The passion of Dr. Basta and Dr. Brucia drew me in during the 2-day.  Monday morning back in my office, I tried some of their suggestions.  To my surprise they worked, really worked.  Made some frustrating things more predictable, easier and the patients happier.  I kept going back, 11 years and 18 full cases later I am still going back.
– Les Seelye, DDS

FACE has transformed my dental career and my approach to life and this is the reason why. For me there are two main parts to FACE: occlusion and adhesive dentistry. FACE has been around longer than I have been alive. However, dental occlusion technique and skills I learned at FACE 10 years ago is more true today than ever before. It is a dental gospel that is bulletproof You come to FACE and you learn the greatest and latest about dental material and adhesive dentistry. You learn from true masters in dentistry: Dr. Basta and Dr. Brucia. FACEʼs approach towards dental perfection is for you if you want to be the best at what you do in dentistry.
– Josh Hong, DDS

The skills I have learned at F.A.C.E. have taught me to practice dentistry without compromise. I have found passion in my profession.
– Lilia Martinez, DDS

F.A.C.E. has brought a way to practice Dentistry that I have been searching for. I was enjoying Dentistry before F.A.C.E. but it has really brought my fulfillment to a whole different level. The passion and dedication of the instructors at F.A.C.E. surpasses anything that I have experienced..
– Glenn Kitasoe, DDS

Before attending the advanced restorative continuum at FACE, complex cases were more of a frustration than an enjoyable endeavor. The knowledge and training has not only made dentistry more predictable and fun, it saved my career. Dentistry is too challenging to spend a lifetime doing it the wrong way – FACE showed me the right way.
– Brian Broadwell, DDS

The FACE 18 month program provided me with a tremendous amount of confidence in my ability to provide predictable dental care to my patients. I now look forward to delivering occlusal splints because I have been so successful with the FACE method. In addition, I feel confident delivering resin-based fillings without post-op sensitivity as well as treating complex full-mouth cases. The FACE program is an amazing value, considering the amount of one-on-one time we get to spend with incredibly skilled instructors who really care about their students’ success.
– Dr. Eric McRory, Bellingham, WA

Accepting the challenge to complete the Continuum at FACE is one of the most career-changing decisions any dentist can make. You may be considering FACE to gain more information about full mouth rehabilitation, and indeed that will occur. But, be warned, the scope and depth of information freely given in this series of lectures will expand your mind far beyond rehab skills. You will begin to “see” your patient’s needs and your dental options through different eyes. As you watch your results in every aspect of dentistry change and improve, you too will come to appreciate what FACE training can accomplish. Tom Basta teaches with a passion for excellence that is very rare in today’s world. You will not regret this decision.
– Patrick T. Prendergast, DDS

Hands down the best course I have ever taken. I have been given the most complete knowledge to cover any case from the simple single restoration to comprehensive full mouth rehabilitations, and to be able to deliver them with minimal to absolutely no adjustment is godlike for dentistry!
– Todd Snyder, DDS

I was trained how to properly make splints in centric relation at F.A.C.E and my patients have benefited tremendously from both the diagnostic and the treatment applications a well made splint provides. The first benefit I enjoyed from the F.O.S.A. was to get patients out of pain.
– Guy Peabody, DDS

I look forward to going to my office every day. I owe much of this fulfillment in dentistry to the FACE seminars. I believe that if you want to be the best, always delivering predictable, long lasting restorations you must learn from the best. FACE is the place to go.
– David S Han, D.D.S.