LEVEL 2 | Dental Materials and Advanced Restorative Techniques

A new opportunity for advancing your dental knowledge.

Every one of our Level 1 graduates have seen why they would want to keep moving forward with their F.A.C.E. learning. Both Tom and I want to make it possible for you to provide the highest quality, predictable and most profitable dentistry possible. The very most rewarding dentistry are the cases that go in without problems and our new Level 2 program can get you there every time.

The new F.A.C.E. Level 2 program will have live patient demonstrations on:

1. Adjustment free Centric Occlusion (MIP) dentistry. This is what you are doing every day in your practice. You will see every step of the partial coverage preparation, Immediate Dentin Sealing, the Margin Elevation Technique, temporization, impressions, mounting procedures, lab communication, and the final placement of a partial coverage porcelain restoration. This will be an incredible learning opportunity.

2. Adjustment free upper denture technique. Imagine fabricating a complete upper denture in 2 appointments that is comfortable, esthetic and without the need for adjustments or frequent relines. A technique taught no where else in the world. Why would you want to make a denture any other way?

The clinical portion with partners will focus on:

1. Perfecting the FOSA technique. You should have already been making many of these with great success. We want to make sure you are not having any problems or questions.

2. Location of the true hinge position and taking a true facebow and CR record. All mounting procedures that have a check list to verify every step of the procedure. Learning this technique will raise your level of clinical success to incredible heights. Imagine partial and full mouth cases that drop right to place with complete predictability.

The workshop portion of the program will explore the world of simple to complex restorative dentistry with hands-on exercises on:

1. Fabrication of the implant verification jig.
2. Conversion of a denture to a transitional hybrid bridge.
3. The preparation and placement of a partial coverage gold restoration on an extracted tooth.

The lecture portion will present:

1. Complex cases from start to finish using the knowledge that you are learning in the class.
2. Every portion of the restorative steps for simple and complex implant cases.
3. The ever confusing world of adhesive materials. You can never get enough on adhesive and restorative materials from Jeff.
4. Working up and quarterbacking your complex orthodontic and surgery cases for the very best possible results.
5. Treatment planning your current clinical cases. Bring in your patient’s mounted models, images and records and sit with Tom, Jeff and your classmates to generate the most predictable and successful treatment plan possible for your patients. One successful treatment plan will pay for this entire course.

As with all F.A.C.E. classes., the mentor to student ratio will be designed to make sure you get direct help with every procedure that you are learning.

The class will be a total of 15 days over 7 months. Each week will go from Wednesday to Sunday with full day learning on Wednesday-Saturday and 8:00am to 12:00 pm Sunday.

The total tuition will be $18,000.00 with a $2,500.00 commitment deposit. The balance can be paid over the 7-month period. That equals one prophy and exam a day from your practice over the 7 months. You will receive a list of the necessary equipment for Level 2.