LEVEL 3 | Dental Materials and Advanced Restorative Techniques

The new FACE level 3 program with have live patient demonstrations on:

  1. A comprehensive full mouth clinical case. Tom and Jeff will diagnosis and treat a patient in need of full reconstructive treatment. All treatment from start to finish will be completed during class hours so that each one can observe and follow the case from start to finish. This is a must-see learning opportunity offered nowhere else in dental education.

The clinical portion with partners will focus on:

  1. Learning how to measure all border movements made by your patient.
  2. Learn how to customize an articulator to move exactly like your patient. Imagine partial and full mouth cases that drop right to place with complete predictability.

The workshop portion of the program will explore the world of simple to complex restorative dentistry with hands-on exercises on:

  1. Anterior composite workshop.

The lecture portion will present:

  1. Complex cases from start to finish using the knowledge that you are learning in the class.
  2. Every portion of the restorative steps for simple and complex implant cases.
  3. The ever-confusing world of adhesive materials. You can never get enough on adhesive and restorative materials from Jeff.
  4. A day with Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli on all aspects of periodontal and surgical care to help in your inter-disciplinary treatment planning.
  5. A day with Dr. Andy Girardot on all aspects of orthodontic care to help in your inter¬disciplinary treatment planning.
  6. Working up and quarterbacking your complex orthodontic and surgery cases for the very best possible results.
  7. Treatment planning your current clinical cases. Bring in your patients mounted model, images and records and sit with Tom, Jeff and your classmates to generate the most predictable and successful treatment plan possible for your patients. One successful treatment plan will pay for this entire course.

As with all FACE classes, the mentor to student ratio will be designed to make sure you get direct help with every procedure that you are learning.

The class will be a total of 20 days over 9 months.
Each week will go from Wednesday to Sunday with full day learning on Wednesday-Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 12:00 pm.